This really is where the magic happens! This is our core service for our clients, and where we add the most value for agencies that we work with. When we start working with a creative agency, usually in their first or second year of business, they will typically not be receiving a set of monthly management accounts from their accountants. In fact, what they're usually used to receiving from their accounts is either under-whelming service and a disappointing annual revenue and profit number, outside of an actionable timeframe.

Our Magicians are here to provide value to you every single month, and in our every interaction, through our management accounts service. We provide you a set of easy-to-understand management accounts every month, which help you to understand the following:


How much revenue have I made this month and this year to date?


What additional revenues do I need to hit my targets for this year? 


How much profit have we made this month, and year to date, and how does this compare to industry-standards for agency businesses?


Outside of staff costs, what are the biggest overhead costs in my business, and how might I go about reducing this to drive more profit?


Do I have enough revenue and cash to meet my commitments to my employees and suppliers for the rest of the financial year?


What big payments will be going out of my business in the next three-to-six months which might negatively affect my cash position?

Management Accounting Services

Our monthly management accounts typically contain the following:

Profit & Loss

We'll breakdown the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a every month of your financial year so far, and project the rest of the financial year based on your confirmed revenues, staff costs and projected expenses. We’ll talk you through this each month, to help you understand how the numbers work, answer any questions you have, and provide recommendations based on the trends we’re seeing.

Balance Sheet

We’ll give you a “snapshot” report which gives you an overview of the value of everything that your agency owns, owes and is owed at month-end. The balance sheet provides an overview of the state of a company's finances at a moment in time, and we’ll help you understand what it’s telling you about your agency’s financial health.

Monthly Management Accounts

Monthly management accounts are important - they help you grow your business confidently, with an understanding ofHelps you see if you're operating efficiently

Headcount Analysis

We’ll help you to understand your staff-cost ratio in the business, breaking down how much the business is spending on staff by function. We’ll help you to understand if your staff-to-cost ratio looks good in comparison to industry averages.

Overhead Variance

We analyse and breakdown any overheads in the business which may have significantly increased or decreased in the last month to help you get a handle on your costs.

Cashflow Forecasting & Budgeting

Our Magicians might not have a crystal ball, but we do have the next best thing – a cashflow forecast! This is important as it helps you plan when payments should be made to your suppliers, provide you with control to ensure you have enough cash to meet the commitments of your business for the rest of your financial year and beyond. We update your cashflow all the time, maintain a 12 month forward forecast of your cashflow for you to ensure that you always have enough cash to meet your commitments moving forwards. Typically, if you use Xero, we'll provide this via a super easy-to-use platform called Float. However, if you don't use Xero, we can provide this via an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet which we can talk you through each month

Why work with us?

We pride ourselves on our management accounting service. We’ve seen the impact that it has made on the finances and performance of countless other creative services agencies that we’ve worked with.

We know that we can have the same impact on your business too. So, get in touch with our team today, and find out how we can help you take your business to the next level.