In an agency business, your staff are your most important asset… And your biggest cost! 

Our Magicians will make sure that you are looking after your staff in the most important ways possible – that they are paid correctly, and on time. 

We know that payroll management can frighten a lot of agency leaders. You need to be able to take care of all of the following:


Maintaining employee records, and ensuring holiday entitlements are accurate and taken care of at the correct rate of pay


Filing reports with HMRC


Calculating payroll adjustments, additions and deductions on payday, and making sure employee deductions are applied at the correct rates


Creating and distributing payslips to staff


And, you know, actually paying the staff!

Let us breakdown what all of this entails, and show you how we can help

Maintaining Employee Records

We’ll take care of all the annoying stuff around HR and payroll management for you, so that you don’t have to worry about it, and you can get on with running your creative business. We’ll collect employee information on your behalf and manage this for you. We use the latest HR software systems like CharlieHR or HiBob to safely and securely log and store employee information. And if you take our HR Support Services our team will ensure holiday entitlements for your staff are accurate and taken care of at the correct rate of pay. We’ll administer your holiday processes in line with your company policies to ensure that people take the right amount of holiday in the correct calendar year. 

Filing Reports with HMRC

Do you like listening to the Budget and trying to work out what the changes in Government policy mean for your business? We’re guessing probably not! You don’t have to worry, because our Magicians will stay up to date with the latest HMRC guidelines on your behalf, so that you don’t have to. We’ll also take care of uploading the correct submissions to HMRC for your employees to ensure your PAYE, student loads, national insurance and other important information is up to date and accurately reflects your current staffing levels and costs. Do you like dealing with P11D paperwork? We suspect not. Again, our Magicians can handle all of these annual submissions on your behalf for any benefits you or your employees claim from the business

Calculating Payroll Adjustments

From managing leavers and new starters and calculating their pay accurately, to administering bonus or commission schemes, to ensuring salary increases are accurately reflected in pay, our Magicians will make sure that everything you need for an accurate payroll monthly is taken care of. After payroll is calculated each month, we’ll also make sure that pension submissions are correctly uploaded to the pension provider. We’ll keep pension records up to date, manage auto-enrolment of new starters and any opt-outs that need to be taken care of.

Creating Payslips & Paying Staff on Time

This is the important bit! Our Magicians use the latest cloud-based accountancy packages, like Xero or QuickBooks, so we can quickly and easily generate and distribute pay slips for your staff. Naturally, we’ll make sure that they’re paid on time each month, too!

Why work with us?

Our Magicians are familiar with a broad range of payroll and HR software, and can offer you a completely managed service, so you can get on with running your creative services agency.

By working with us to do this, you'll get complete visibility of staff costs, benefits, holiday entitlement and performance, in one view. You'll get peace of mind that this is all being done to the highest levels of accuracy and in a timely fashion. And you won't have to worry about dealing with the taxman.