We offer our clients outsourced HR support. Our qualified and highly knowledgeable HR experts have a deep understanding of employment law, and the time to stay across any changes to it on your behalf. If you need HR support with employment contracts, creating benefits packages, documenting processes, managing disciplinaries or anything else in between, our Magicians will be able to help you.
We know that HR is more than just the sticking plaster to apply when employee relations go bad – it’s the strategic management of people in a business to maintain and increase its success by enabling everyone to perform to the best of their ability. Our HR professionals help you to develop and retain your team.

We can guide you through the complex world of employment law. We can help to steer you successfully through the day-to-day challenges of staff management and retention. If you are getting ready to take on your first staff member, or if you are established with 20+ headcount, our in-depth agency business experience means we can offer helpful and relevant solutions to the challenges that you face every day.

HR Support Services

Here’s some of the ways that our Magicians can support you on a day-to-day basis:

Employment Contracts

All employees and workers need to have a statement of their employment terms and conditions on or before their first day at work. Our Magicians can take care of this for you.

Employment Policy Development

We can help you to develop an employee handbook and set of employee policies that communicate your company’s values, policies, and rules to new and existing employees.

Performance Management

It’s important to be clear with employees about your expectations and the needs of the business. We’ll help you to create an employee performance management process that will set you off on the right foot. We’ll ensure your processes are legally compliant. And we’re there for the bad times as well as the good – we’ll be there to support you if employee poor performance leads you to have to have difficult conversations or to take things further. 

HR Software Maintenance

We’ll use the latest technology like Charlie HR or HiBob to maintain accurate employee records on your behalf. If you pair our Payroll management servies with our HR management services we’ll be able to provide you with everything that you need to take on an employee and manage them. This will include being able to manage holiday entitlement, statutory sick pay, attendance, and everything right through to what to do at the end of employment.

Disciplinary Processes

We always hope for and expect the best of employees and our relationships with them. But sometimes we need to dealing with disciplinary and grievance processes. It’s important to deal with people problems in a timely fashion. We will make sure you have a comprehensive disciplinary and grievance policies in place to address this.

Employee Benefit Design

You may be looking to reward staff for their hard work or enhance your employee retention approach. Either way, our Magicians can help. The war for talent has never been as acute – we know that employees consider many factors when selecting a potential employer, such as the total remuneration and employee benefits packages, company culture, option of working from home or flexible working and so on. We can help you to design something compelling for new employees.